Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, February 16, 1998

LP fire dept. wants GBP elevator removed


Lester Prairie Fire Department gave the city council a formal request to do something about the grain elevator at Central Avenue and Juniper Street last Monday.

Members of the department and others at the meeting requested the city council order GBP to tear down the elevator.

In a letter to the council, city Fire Marshal Wally Dibb wrote the building has open areas in the sidewall and roof due to partial demolition eight months ago.

"This makes it potentially a high risk for trespassing and for fire," Dibb said.

Dibb's letter further stated that "a fire in a building of this size and height would be very hard to control. To further hinder the control of a fire, the wall and roof have been opened up, completely destroying any type of internal fire control.

"If a building of this size were to burn, it would create a very high risk exposure to the surrounding buildings . . . There would also be the extreme risks . . . the fire department would take in fighting the fire and protecting (the surrounding buildings and power lines.)

A copy of this letter was also sent to the state fire marshal.

Council Member Stan Ehrke said the first step should be to write GBP a letter. Council Member Kay Jepson agreed, but added the letter should be delivered in person.

Mlynar said he would deliver the letter. Jepson said she would write it.

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