Howard Lake Herald, November 30, 1998

10-year veteran of Good Neighbor Days resigns


Gerry Smith, chairman of Howard Lake's Good Neighbor Days, announced his resignation Tuesday.

The 10-year veteran of the local community celebration is the mayor-elect of Howard Lake and will take office in January.

"In an effort to come up with the time to be mayor, I've had to make some hard decisions," said Smith.

"I've also had to drop off a couple of other committees, too," he said.

Smith said he started out as a rookie, the new guy on the block.

"I think I was trapped into being the chairman, but I have loved every minute of it," he stated.

In the beginning, said Smith, there was a banner across the street, a drug-free dance for the kids, a fishing contest, and a chance to meet the queen candidates.

Smith explained, "We've come so far and done so many different things since that beginning.

"Some of them were good and some were bad, but we tried new things to bring the community a good celebration."

It is time for someone fresh to step in and give Good Neighbor Days a different look.

Smith said that no matter how hard a people try not to, they will still stamp their own personality on the celebration.

People tend to want the things they like, he said.

The celebration draws people from all over, and Smith said he even sold his home on County Rd. 6 to a young couple who came out to see the power boat races.

They liked the community so much, they wanted to live here.

Each civic or church group in the community has a lot to offer, he said. They could use their assets to sponsor an event under the umbrella of Good Neighbor Days, said Smith.

Still the promoter of an event he loves, Smith said, "I hope people are motivated to come forward to help and put their ideas on the table."

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