Howard Lake Herald, June 8, 1998

GND medallion found already


"Mom told me about the medallion and the clues," said six and a half-year-old Crystal Jones, daughter of Wes and Laurie Jones.Crystal Jones

The Howard Lake girl won the $300 in Howard Lake bucks by finding the medallion.

The medallion was hidden by the Howard Lake Lions in conjunction with the Good Neighbor Days celebration, June 25-28.

Two clues have appeared in the Herald, and the Joneses decided it was in Memorial Park.

"Sunday, we all looked for it together for over an hour," she said.

Crystal said "I got pretty dirty. I was looking through the grass and sticking my hands in holes."

When they were just about to quit, her dad saw something suspicious on the goalpost.

"I had to climb up and get it," said Crystal.

She has plans for her winnings. Crystal wants a rabbit and cage. Maybe she will get a bycycle, she said.

Crystal said she will give the other members of her family $5 each.

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