Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, November 30, 1998

Winsted's newest ding and dent man


For someone who works on cars all day, Greg Harwood isn't very interested in spending much time in them.

Noting that his last shop was in Waconia, Harwood admits, "I was just sick of the drive, so I was looking for something closer."

When Harwood, who had the Waconia shop for six years, heard that Ken Westrup and Gene Fasching were selling the Winsted Body Shop, he simply took over the location in August and added the Harwood to the name.

With help from his nephew, Josh Clark, both of the former owners, and Mark Stein, he hopes to bring his 12 years of experience to Winsted.

So how are Winsted's drivers? "I've been staying busy," he said.

While Waconia was a bigger market, Harwood hopes that word of mouth on his work will keep sending the same steady business that Westrup and Fasching had over their 30 years in Winsted.

Born in Watertown, Harwood grew up working on cars with his father who worked both at a shop and out of his home.

"I was always around it . . . just always wanted to do it," he said.

Later, he went on to school at Hennepin Technical College.

While he's willing to do work on older cars, Harwood prefers late model vehicles.

"It's something you can get in and out of," said Harwood.

He feels that vehicle restoration is too big of a project and that it can go on potentially for years. Custom work also falls in that category.

Harwood has done such work on his purple Dodge truck, but feels the only incentive to do custom work on your own is to cut costs.

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