Howard Lake Herald, September 14, 1998

Hit-and-run incident under investigation


A hit-and-run incident on the corner of Highway 12 and 8th Avenue in Howard Lake Thursday about 6 p.m. sent a local woman to the emergency room in Waconia.

Michelle Marie Wonnacott of Howard Lake said she was standing still in the crosswalk on Highway 12, looking for traffic, when she was struck by a white service-type van with blue lettering.

She was thrown back by the impact, but picked herself up and made it back into the city hall, where her mother, City Administrator Christina Frankenfield, was working.

Frankenfield called the police, and Howard Lake Police Officer Butch Darsow responded to take Wonnacott's statement.

Wonnacot was then transported to the Ridgeview Medical Center, where she was x-rayed and treated for severe abrasions and a badly swollen elbow.

She said she thought the van was traveling very fast and she may have been struck by some sort of silver ledge or projection on the side of the van.

The driver did not stop, and the case is under investigation.

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