Howard Lake Herald, December 21, 1998

Howard Lake water tower plans finalized


The final water tower plans and specs for the proposed water tower were presented to the Howard Lake City Council, Tuesday, by Brad DeWolf, city engineer.

The project will cost taxpayers about $500,000 and construction should be completed in 2000.

It takes six months to fabricate the steel for a tower like this, said DeWolf, but the foundation can be installed the summer of 1999.

"When we operate off a two-tower system, we need an altitude valve," said DeWolf.

This will regulate the water going into the towers. As the old tower is filled, the valve will shut off to keep it from overflowing and transfer the water to fill the new tower.

Inside the base of the new tower will be an 8' X 8' heated building that will house the pump to recirculate the water in the tower to keep it from freezing, said DeWolf.

The tower will connect to a 10- inch water main on County Rd 6.

Since it will be 128 feet tall, the tower will have obstruction lighting for aircraft.

Four sleeves for communication antennae will be installed, and the city and fair board will split any revenues equally, according to the agreement with the fair board.

The fair board agreed to let the city place the tower on the north- east corner of the fairgrounds.

The board gave the city free land and easements, but would like the lettering on the tower to read, "Howard Lake - Home of the Wright County Fair."

The council agreed the fair board was very cooperative and was good to work with on this project.

The fairgrounds will get a fire hydrant placed about 170 feet from the tower for safety and dust control.

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