Herald and Journal, December 28, 1998

School board questions how to include home-schooled students

By Andrea Vargo

The Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted (HLWW) school district joined other area schools that are wrestling with the problem of home schooling and the place for those students in the district.

Many questions came up at the school board meeting last Monday.

What does a district do if a parent from the district wants to send a child to attend only the ag or shop class?

Can or should the administration keep a full-time student out of a class in favor of a part-time student?

Said board member Michael Steckelberg, "What do we do about grading? Are they our students? Do they have to meet our graduation requirements?"

More questions were asked about the legal ramifications, and Superintendent Riley Hoheisel said it would be a good idea to seek legal counsel before making policy on this issue.

Board members were strongly supportive of whatever had to be done to provide the best education possible for every child in the district.

But a clear message came across that it needed to be fair for all students.

Continuing with the same education theme, Hoheisel said studies in the district have indicated that four or five students in every preschool class, who don't qualify for an individual learning program, will be behind at the start of kindergarten and first grade.

There needs to be more pressure on some of these families to attend Early Childhood Family Education classes, said Hoheisel.

School board member Charles Weber said at a recent conference it was pointed out that education in the state is good in the upper grades, but there are a lot of needs, starting at age three.

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