Howard Lake Herald, December 21, 1998

Groshens and Hagerty honored for extension committee service

By Dennis Moeller
U of M Extension Educator

Volunteers are the heart and soul of 4-H and Extension programs.

One of the key groups giving guidance to these programs is the Wright County Extension Committee. This team of citizen advisors help determine programs, budget, staffing, and the vision for Extension programs in Wright County.

This past week, the Extension Office had the chance to show its appreciation to two members who have completed their service to the committee. Dr. Tom Hagerty of St. Michael was recognized for his service from 1993 through 1998. Hagerty is the chief veterinarian for the Minnesota State Board of Health.

His input, insight into the agriculture livestock industry, and perspectives on issues affecting Wright County citizens were a valuable contribution to the Extension Committee and the staff.

Darla Groshens, Wright County Auditor, served on the committee from 1991 through 1998. Her input, sense of humor, knowledge of the county policies and procedures, input on budget process, and link to the county board were also valued resources for the committee and staff.

Groshens and Hagerty each received a plaque to acknowledge the committee's appreciation for all the contributions they have made to their programs.

The Extension Committee is made up of a representative from each commissioner's district, as well as one member at large. In addition to Darla and Tom, the present committee includes Kay Bakeberg of Waverly, Jim Barthel of the St. Michael-Albertville area, Steve Johnson from Buffalo, Sue Johnson representing the Annandale-Maple Lake area, and Mary Wetter of the Rockford area. Commissioners Dick Mattson and Jack Russek, as well as youth members Andrew Sorsoleil of Howard Lake and Amanda Kalinowski of Delano complete the membership of the Extension Committee.

This committee gives valuable input and guidance to help our develop the 4-H and Extension programs.

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