Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, December 14, 1998

HT students learn from the past

By Sue Fynboh

The fifth grade class at Holy Trinity went to the Linden Apartments on Monday, Dec. 7. This is the first of several visits planned throughout the school year.

These two generations will be sharing their experiences through playing games and doing activities together. Both generations show much interest and excitement over their new found friends.

Some students have relatives or neighbors living in the apartments. Mathilda Guennigsman and her great-grandson, Ken, joined together in a game of hangman. Tyler Fiecke found out Sidora Koch is her grandpa's cousin.

They played cards and Tic Tac Toe. Laura Bebo and Lindsay Scherer know Linden Allen, who once lived in their neighborhood. Laura showed Linden how to make a lizard out of beads.

Kayla Stifter and her great-grandmother enjoyed talking. Conversations ranged from Beanie Babies and pets to using horses and sleighs instead of snowmobiles.

The students reported that they were surprised it was so easy to talk to someone they had not met before. Both groups look forward to their next meeting together.

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