Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, January 12, 1998

Only the owner changes at Keg's


The inside of Keg's Bar in Winsted looks the same; only the dart boards have been moved.

Rose Heimerl and Deb Kohler are still dispense the drinks, but the guy signing the checks has changed.

Brian "Woody" Langenfeld has purchased the business from Marv Vetsch, who has taken on a new career in the home mortgage business.

Not much else has changed at Keg's. The regulars are the same, offering their commentary while the interview takes place.

Of course, nothing could change Woody.

When asked why he bought Keg's after working at the Blue Note for six years his first answer is: "just make something up."

After a while the real answer comes out. Like many people, Woody, 29, wanted to work for himself.

"I like the business and the opportunity arose to buy this place," he said.

Woody closed the deal on the bar Dec. 29, but as new owner a big change is not in the works.

"If it ain't broke don't fix it," he said.

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