Howard Lake Herald, September 28, 1998

Mayor candidate Al LePage passes away


Howard Lake City Councilman Al LePage, 64, died Wednesday at the Howard Lake drug store.

According to patrons of the morning coffee group, LePage slumped over at the counter.

The Howard Lake Fire Department Rescue team arrived within minutes, but LePage couldn't be revived.

LePage was a well-respected and well-liked man, said City Councilman Shelley Reddemann.

LePage served on the council for a year and a half as the replacement for Myron Heuer, when Heuer moved to Wisconsin in 1997.

LePage was running unopposed for the position of mayor of Howard Lake in the upcoming election.

"I was really looking foreward to having him succeed me as mayor," said Mayor Mark Custer.

Everyone knew him in some way, said Custer, since LePage was a teacher for the district and then a school bus driver after he retired.

"The kids knew him and respected him," Reddemann said.

Visitation was at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Waverly Sunday, Sept. 27. with the funeral mass at St. Mary's Monday, Sept. 28.

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