Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, December 21, 1998

President's awards given at Lester Building Systems

Lester Building Systems recently honored more than 50 associates with the third quarter President's Award. Fellow associates nominate award winners for individual and team efforts that support the company's mission statement.

"Each quarter, the number of associates recognized grows," says Marc Hafer, president of Lester Building Systems. "I'm thrilled to see our associates take the time and effort to recognize each other for the outstanding work performed throughout the organization."

Individual winners include:

Cindy Lou Latzke, nominated for developing a new electronic budgeting process that resulted in significant time savings.

Danny Kroells, recognized for the excellent customer service he provided to the Gladstone Trolley Car project.

Jan Cardinal, given the award for capturing vendor discounts inadvertently being overlooked.

Jeanne Brose, recognized for her great attitude and dedication to excellence in keeping the builder price book current.

Larry Schwendemann, nominated for his responsiveness and attention to detail with two key builders.

Team winners include:

Karl Lemmenes, Joe Randolph, Tom Borgman, Les Forman, and Jeanne Brose for their work on the Nova Brik new product introduction.

Craig Loger, Jeanne Brose, Joe Randolph, Karl Lemmenes, Kim Polingo and Ken Ramsay were nominated for work on organizing the Product Change Request procedure and making significant headway on the backlog of change requests.

Danny Kroells, Matt Helfrey, Eric Bunkers, Diane Kolbinger, Kari Drevecky, and Steve Scott were recognized for the highest key-off percentage and best overtime management of all engineering service technician teams.

Julie Hoof and Ken Teschendorf were awarded for cost reduction results.

Lenny Treu and Al Quast were nominated for assisting a Kaizen group and for improvements in panelized construction productivity. Steve Larson and Jerry Schaper were honored for quick results on upgrades to the Panelgen computer software.

The entire Lester Building Systems picnic committee and workers were recognized for their efforts at the employee picnic.

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