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February 1998 stories

KARE 11 investigations targets HLWW schools, 2/23/98

Mae Stifter receives C&C's service award, 2/23/98

A joy to teach elementary music, 2/23/98

Howard Lake continues to thrive, 2/23/98

Winsted council considers individual liability insurance, 2/23/98

LP School asks to work with city on study results, 2/23/98

Block scheduling not probable for HLWW '98-'99 school year, 2/23/98

Highway 12 hearing draws few comments, 2/23/98

Sheriff Kopeksy looking forward to retirement, 2/23/98


Sixth graders enjoy trip to Deep Portage, 2/16/98

She's a great grandma of 4 in one hour, 2/16/98

LP Fire Dept. wants GBP elevator removed, 2/16/98

Cartmakers' major remodeling nearly complete, 2/16/98

Recalling the Holy Trinity diamond jubilee, 2/16/98

Annexation finally set in LP, 2/16/98

Waverly looks at refinancing bonds, 2/16/98


Winsted to study city hall building, 2/9/98

A look back at Waverly Station, 2/9/98

HLWW second graders speak out, 2/9/98

Holy Trinity one act play places fifth in sub-district contest, 2/9/98

Humphrey files charges alleging insurance fraud, 2/9/98

Land purchase cost for park-and-ride lot disclosed, 2/9/98

HL Council takes another look at support for Superior Landfill, 2/9/98

SJ&F vs. city lawsuit waits appeals court ruling, 2/9/98

Local Howard Lake resident assaulted, 2/9/98


McLeod Sheriff Kopesky to retire, 2/2/98

Catherine Jackson named banker of the year, 2/2/98

New clinic to open in Howard Lake, 2/2/98

Hospice program offers patients a dignified death, 2/2/98

Nancy Harrold: A new face at Howard Lake Library, 2/2/98

A slice of Howard Lake history, 2/2/98

Quast Transfer ships school materials to East Grand Forks, 2/2/98

Wright Technical Center plans building improvements, 2/2/98

Resident responds to HL survey results, 2/2/98

HLWW arts class tours Institute of Art, 2/2/98

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