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March 1998 stories

St. James school addition well underway, 3/30/98

Louis Stifter wins national kumite event, 3/30/98

Golf or ice fishing? Both in same day, 3/30/98

Land use meeting for Victor Township set, 3/30/98

LP planning priorities same as in 1990, 3/30/98

HL history: boys will be boys, 3/30/98


No sure answer for fish-kill in Winsted Lake, 3/23/98

Land behind city hall not for sale, 3/23/98

Feedlot affects Renville County family, 3/23/98

Feedlot issues return to county court, 3/23/98

Wright County parks open May 8, 3/23/98

City receives large donation of trusses for fire hall, 3/23/98

Pilot breakfast program explored, 3/23/98


Accident claims life of Trevor Hoheisel, 3/16/98

County lake association being formed in McLeod, 3/16/98

HLWW celebrates music award, 3/16/98

Stamping hobby becomes business, 3/16/98

Wright County delinquent tax list published, 3/16/98

Waverly park building approved, 3/16/98

Township election results, 3/16/98


FBI, Wright County investigate robbery 3/9/98

Winsted Civic & Commerce Banquet showcases talented area students, 3/9/98

Reliving the Titanic news coverage, 3/9/98

McLeod Food Shelf seeks support, 3/9/98

Luce Line Trail web site opens, 3/9/98

McLeod Planning Commission fine tunes feedlot ordinance, 3/9/98

The real cost of a moratorium on feedlots, 3/9/98

Plans approved for new Winsted fire hall, 3/9/98

Theodore Kappel, OSC, to celebrate 40th anniversary, 3/9/98


HLWW responds to KARE 11 questions, 3/2/98

Winsted resident Matt Schoenfelder tells Olympic tales, 3/2/98

One man charged in Hutchinson murder, 3/2/98

Fatal accident near Silver Lake, 3/2/98

Gleason recalls music years in Howard Lake, 3/2/98

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