Howard Lake Herald & Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal

May 1998 stories

Silver Lake tornado: The day the 'bomb' went off, 5/25/98

HLWW approaches Lester Prairie about school pairing, 5/25/98

New HL city administrator hired, 5/25/98

Recalling the old District 5 school, 5/25/98

HT Elementary creates an underwater world, 5/25/98

HL history: a look at the rail system, 5/25/98

List of Howard Lake veterans, 5/25/98

List of Waverly veterans, 5/25/98

Winstock artists: Peterson, Ricochet, McCoy, 5/25/98


Book tells of Minnesota veterans' stories in Vietnam, 5/18/98

Former HL administrator cleared on discrimination charge, 5/18/98

Sheri Hoernemann wins athletic award at St. Catherine's, 5/18/98

Waverly forming committee for Hwy 12 reconstruction, 5/18/98

Chinese visitors tour Metro Dairy, 5/18/98

Don Gutzke in baseball league hall of fame, 5/18/98

New doctor joins Glencoe clinic, 5/18/98


Study results in on Winsted city hall, 5/11/98

HLWW test results improving, 5/11/98

Sirens aren't meant for indoor warnings, 5/11/98

Sr. Jean and Sr. Emmanuel celebrate a golden jubilee, 5/11/98

Silent auction to benefit HL city hall, 5/11/98

Two injured in Highway 7 accident, 5/11/98

Child support system fails, few explanations, 5/11/98


Planning for road construction, HL learns from neighbors, 5/4/98

Reward offered in bus vandalism, 5/4/98

Food shelf donations drop in summer, 5/4/98

McLeod is important county for blood donations, 5/4/98

Accident sends two to hospital, 5/4/98

Local Lutheran Brotherhood branch gets high rating, 5/4/98

Highways 12, 25 detours change, 5/4/98

LPHS senior profiles, 5/4/98

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