Howard Lake Herald, January 12, 1998

Littfin driver passes away


The Howard Lake Ambulance responded to a call at Littfin Lumber west of Howard Lake Tuesday after the body of Timothy Aho, 47, was found slumped over the wheel of his truck.

Aho, a Cokato resident, had loaded his truck and started towards the driveway, when he stopped by the last building, said Littfin employee Shane Berglund of Buffalo.

"The truck started to roll and went through a chain link fence," said Berglund.

Berglund said he had seen Aho in the loading area and spoken to him.

"Everything seemed fine," said Berglund.

According to Wright County Deputy Michael Steffer, the Howard Lake ambulance was called by a Littfin employee, and when Steffer arrived the paramedics were doing CPR on Aho.

Aho was transported to the Buffalo Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Cause of death has not been released.

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