Howard Lake Herald, April 27, 1998

Howard Lake part of 'March for Jesus'


Twelve million people will take to the streets around the world to celebrate a "March for Jesus," Saturday, May 30.

This year about 800 cities in the United States will participate, including Howard Lake.

The event was first organized by Christian songwriter, Graham Kendrick, in London in 1987. His idea was to bring churches together in a public celebration with the common banner of Jesus Christ. Since then, the annual event has grown to include over 150 countries.

The "March for Jesus" parade will start at the Wright County Fairgrounds parking lot at 9 a.m. At 10 a.m., the procession will move south on 10th Avenue, crossing Highway 12 and travel to Ninth Street. Going east for two blocks on Ninth Street, the parade will turn north on Eighth Avenue and then turn west on Seventh Street.

Reaching 13th Avenue, the parade will turn north to cross Highway 12 by the bowling alley. At Fourth Street, the parade will turn east to 10th Avenue to complete the route to Memorial Park. At 11 a.m., there will be a 30-minute prayer rally conducted by local pastors at the park.

The march has received the endorsement of St. John's Lutheran Church, Howard Lake Christian Church, St. Mary's Catholic Church, and Good News Church.

Volunteers from each of these churches are meeting weekly to organize the march. Many churches throughout Wright and Meeker Counties are expected to send people to the march. For more information, call 320-286-2865.

March for Jesus is not a protest, but an opportunity to celebrate. This year's theme is "A choir of millions for an audience of One."

To participate in the march, bring $1 for a songbook containing the lyrics to the march music. T-shirts, cassettes and CDs will be available.The money will used to pay the costs of the march.

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