Herald and Journal, March 16, 1998

HLWW celebrates music award

By Carol Dangers
HLWW Booster Club

There was a full house last Monday night, for the Celebration of Music. Proud parents and grandparents watched as all the music teachers showcased their students.

The night started off with the "Star Spangled Banner," performed by the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted boys quartet. Joe Campbell introduced the music teachers and the show began.

Jane Stritesky's flag-waving first through third graders marched out and sang a few patriotic songs followed by a yankee doodle song and dance.

Dawn Kalvig showcased the elementary students from Howard Lake. First through third sang songs and danced about the land down-under. The fourth grade danced to the tunes of "Liza Jane" and "Virginia Reel," two samples of folk dance. Ending Dawn's section of the program was a student composition titled "Shooting Star."

Elementary music is not complete without the students learning how to play the recorder. The fifth grade students made Virginia Lewis proud with their selections of recorder songs. Lewis is also the sixth grade band director. Yes, the sounds the kids make when they are just learning to play do turn into songs. The sixth grade band sounded great.

Following the sixth grade band, Charles Roux's jazz band shined with two selections, "Bird Land" and "Good Time Blues." It is hard to believe the jazz band was once Lewis's sixth grade band.

Chris Starr must have had a hard time choosing who should sing. She is the choir director for sixth through 12th. The trio, quartet and concert choir made Starr shine that night.

The audience was able to see how the enthusiastic voice of a first grader is turned into the polished voice of a trio, quartet or concert choir. Let's not forget that learning notes and rhythm leads to the recorder and then to choosing a musical instrument. It takes a lot of practice to go from the recorder to the jazz or concert band.

Hats off to the music teachers for receiving the 1997-98 exemplary music award. The HLWW Booster Club is pleased to have hosted the Celebration of Music. We appreciate the teachers for their hard work.

The audience may have noticed that the program looked ad-libbed. That is because in a way it was. All the selections were learned and practiced in the classrooms. The entire program was not practiced in the gym before hand.

It took a lot of extra parents to organize the groups of children, seat them and line them up when it was their turn to perform. We cannot forget the smiling guys at the door handing out programs and music power stickers, the kitchen staff that prepared the refreshments and the help serving the refreshments. All these people were glad to help to make the evening a success. We appreciate all the help.

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