Herald and Journal, April 27, 1998

HLWW shines in music contests

Vocal solo and ensemble contest

Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted (HLWW) will advance the highest percentage of students to State Section as a result of the Subsection Vocal Solo and Ensemble Contest April 2 at HLWW High School.

Other schools competing were Annandale, Kimball and Maple Lake. State Section is Saturday, May 2 at Dassel-Cokato.

HLWW taking three of the four "best of sites" performance awards was the highlight of the evening. Each judge chose one entry he or she thought was best.

Receiving best of site were the senior trio - Katie Fitzpatrick, Jodi Kyllonen, and Jessie Munson; vocal solo - Matt Montgomery; vocal solo - Ben Shaffer; and vocal duet - Jodi Kyllonen and Ben Shaffer.

The following students received superior ratings and will advance: solos - Trista Pavelski, Sean Campbell, Mitch Diers, Eric Duske, Katie Padden, Jennifer Buehl, Jodi Kyllonen, Katie Fitzpatrick, Lorelei Goepfert, Elaine Goepfert, Matt Montgomery, Ben Shaffer, Tiffany Ogle and Sallie Fall.

Duets - Sean Campbell and Sarah Fall, Sallie Fall and Katie Padden, Tabitha Smith and Christy Colpitts, Miranda and Alisha Painschab, Matt Montgomery and Jessie Munson, Jodi Kyllonen and Ben Shaffer.

Trios - Jodi Kyllonen, Jessie Munson, Katie Fitzpatrick; Kelli Foss, Sallie Fall, Katie Padden.

Quartet - Sean Campbell, Ben Shaffer, Mitch Diers, Matt Montgomery; and mixed ensemble from the concert choir.

Students receiving an excellent rating were:

Solos - Laura Williamson, Hannah Leiferman, Monica Lemings, Jessie Munson, Phil Vieau, Stephanie Gruenhagen.

Trios - Laura Williamson, Jennifer Borrell, Monica Lemings; Tabitha Smith, Miranda Painschab, Katie Farrier; and two sextets and a senior girls ensemble.

Large group music contest

The HLWW Concert Choir received the highest rating possible - six superiors - in Class I at Subsection 20 Large Group Music Contest, April 16 in Annandale.

The concert band competed in Class I and received three superior and three excellent ratings.

The girls choir competed in Class II and received four superior and two excellent ratings.

Schools compete in one of three classes depending on the difficulty of the music. One selection must be performed from a required music list which determines the class of competition.

Each group is critiqued by three judges who rate them at the Sub-section and the State Section level.

Other schools represented were Maple Lake, Annandale, Kimball, New London-Spicer, Eden Valley-Watkins, and Dassel-Cokato.

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