Herald and Journal, January 26, 1998

HLWW looks at getting 2 new busses


Two new school busses should be purchased this year, recommended Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted (HLWW) Superintendent Riley Hoheisel at the HLWW School Board meeting Tuesday.

The kindergarten bus has a lot of miles on it and is beginning to rust out, although it is still safe, he said.

The schedule for bus purchases designates one diesel bus per year, but the smaller one also needs to be replaced.

Busses currently run 12 routes, but Hoheisel said that might have to be expanded to 13 again.

Hoheisel said it makes sense to do it now, before there are any problems.

The transportation fund is in good shape, he said, and it would be better than having to buy three in a year sometime down the road.

With the life expectancy increased by having a diesel engine, there may even be a year or two when the district doesn't have to buy any at all, he said.

The school board members all agreed, and approved a call for bids on a route bus and a kindergarten bus.

Hoheisel said the board could look at the transportation figures and the bids and make a final decision on the busses at a later date.

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