Herald and Journal, April 27, 1998

New high school needed, task force says


The Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted District 2687 task force reached a consensus that Howard Lake-Winsted-Waverly School District needs a new high school.

The task force submitted a summary of its progress to the school board last Monday by Jim Fowler, task force member.

The group is composed of business persons, school personnel, and parents from the district.

They have been charged with the task of determining the building needs for the district.

The task force met with Carolyn Drude of Ehlers and Associates, the district's bonding consultants, April 15.

Drude discussed issues that the task force must be aware of regarding the issuance of bonds for construction projects, said Fowler.

She provided preliminary estimates of the impact on taxes for various size bond issues.

After the presentation, the task force discussed reviewing the background information from the demographer, architect, financial advisor, and the tours of both HLWW buildings and those of other schools.

Everyone on the task force agreed the district needs a new high school for grades 9-12 and improvements to the grade school sites to effectively serve the needs of the students, reported Fowler.

The task force received authorization from the school board for representatives to meet with Lester Prairie administration and school board to keep them informed of the task force's preliminary work.

During the meeting, Joe Campbell and Jack Littfin were elected co-chairs of the task force.

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