Howard Lake Herald, July 13, 1998

Park-and-ride lot project ready to roll

Business owners adjacent to the park and ride lot on the north side of Highway 12 have signed the required papers for the project to go ahead, said Mayor Mark Custer at the Howard Lake City Council meeting Tuesday.

Of the six properties involved, five owners have signed. The only who hasn't is Maurice Bryan, owner of the bakery building.

Custer offered business owners attending Tuesday's meeting the opportunity to speak about the project, but no one did.

Gerry Smith, president of the Howard Lake Business Association, asked about the reason for the different grades in the park and ride lot.

City Engineer Brad DeWolf said each business had different requests, and the design of the lot reflected those wishes and the need to remain handicap accessible.

Pat Van Oss, owner of Old Town Gallery, expressed a concern about the state law that forbids parking within 30 feet of a stop sign and wondered how it would affect the parking alongside his building.

Christina Frankenfield, city administrator, said that law does not apply to parking lots.

The council passed a resolution to enter into a cooperative agreement with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) to make the improvements related to the park and ride facility.

The bid will be awarded at the next meeting, said Custer.

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