Herald and Journal, February 9, 1998

HLWW second graders speak out

Second graders spend quite a bit of time learning letter writing skills.

They practice learning the parts of a letter and also how to address an envelope. To make the practice more meaningful, the children wrote letters to the editor about something in the world they would like to change. They are also going to write letters to service persons overseas who welcome any mail they can get.

Here are some of the letters that were written in Kathryn Lutter's second grade class:

Dear Editor,

This problem is hurting my mom and dad. They have to spend $60 on one pair of shoes. Those shoes are too expensive. My mom and dad complain to my sisters because they're too much money.

Somehow we need to change teenagers needs of wearing brand names.


Dear Editor,

My dad smokes around my brother, Mom and me. I ask him to stop. He tried the smoking patch. Sometimes he smokes while he plays Nintendo.

He started to smoke in the Army. And now he can't stop. I want him to stop so people around him won't get hurt.

There's this new thing for smoking. It's supposed to work better then a patch. For his birthday a box that says, "Stop smoking."


Dear Editor,

The change I want in the world is no pollution because the ozone layer is getting thinner because of pollution.

Everybody is hurt by this because gasoline is bad for your lungs and heart.

People are driving too many cars when they could walk.

People should use more fuel with ethanol or people could walk more places.


Dear Editor,

People are getting hurt by smoking. They could die from smoking. Their lungs will get black from it.

When you breath in the smoke, you cough a lot. They could get lung cancer.

Clerks in the store should not sell cigarettes. If they keep selling cigarettes, the people will die. If they keep buying them, they will keep getting lung cancer.


Dear Editor,

I wish that people would not litter. People, plants, and animals are hurt by this problem. People are lazy and that is why they litter. I just wish that people would quit by throwing trash away. Maybe we should make more trash cans and put them all over the place.

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