Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, September 14, 1998

Shouting match erupts at Lester council meeting


Lester Prairie City Council started to talk about a proposed tree ordinance, Tuesday when Mayor Ed Mlynar paused and asked if anyone in the audience had other concerns.

That opened the floodgate.

Barry Bondhus, Linda Bondhus, and other members of their family demanded that a dog owned by Bruce and Deborah Lutgen be discussed. Barry Bondhus stated that he had it on tape, and read in the paper that the issue would be on the agenda. (According to the minutes, the city council would give a reply in 60 days.)

Mlynar tried to regain control of the meeting, banging the gavel on the table, and said the he would have to consult legal counsel.

Barry Bondhus and other family members began yelling at the council and a verbal melee ensued. Barry Bondhus yelled at the council that if it would not do anything, he would "take care of the dog myself."

Mlynar threatened several times he would have the Bondhuses removed from the meeting. When they did leave, they were still yelling at the council as they walked out the door.

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