Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, December 28, 1998

Holy Trinity students receive Spotlight on Scholarship awards

By Trudi Sexton-Porter
HT School Counselor

The Minnesota State High School League recently awarded 84 Spotlight on Scholarship certificates to Holy Trinity School students for their achievements in the classroom. Mary Schoenfelder and Katie Kittock both received four Spotlight on Scholarship awards, the most certificates awarded to an individual student at Holy Trinity.

Sponsored by the League and Josten's, the Spotlight on Scholarship program is an opportunity for students who have excelled academically and participated in an athletic and/or fine arts activity, to receive recognition for their accomplishments.

Schoenfelder, a sophomore, particiated in cross country, cheerleading, band and choir. She received four gold certificates for maintaining a 3.4-4.0 grade point average (GPA).

Kittock, a freshman, received four silver certificates for maintaining a 3.0-3.9 GPA. Sheparticipated in cheerleading, band, choir, and volleyball.

Gold certificates were also given to the following students at Holy Trinity who maintained a 3.4-4.0 GPA: Lauren Eggert, Kristina Quast, Jessica Scherer, Matt Bebo, Aaron Cochran, Katie Kielkucki, Maggie Hertel, Shawn Kohler

Ryan Marquardt, Dana Mochinski, Katie Neumann,Laura Ollig, Mary Schoenfelder, Julie Fritz, Laura Quast, Matt Aguirre, Jason Campbell, Keith Dawes, Adam Johnson, Kimberly Laxen, Colleen Lynch, Jonathan Quast, Andy Scherer.

Silver cerificates were given to these students who maintained a 3.0-3.9 GPA: Amy Anderson, Steven Bebo, Jessica Radtke, Matt DeMars, Brian Guennigsman, Brittani Boehlke, Rebecca Ebensperger, Daniel Fiecke, Jon Fleischacker, Scott Hoen, Katie Kittock, Cordell Lynch

Brandon Thiemann, Missy Williams, Tristan Galvan, Chris Schimanski, Melissa Weibel, Ryan Bebo, Brad Danielson, Jennifer Davidson, Brian Dunne, David Hoen, Crystal Kutz, Sarah Quast, Michelle Wagener, Brooke Zimmerman, Russ Hoen, Kyle Koch, Kyle Kutz, Jamie Lacina.

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