Howard Lake Herald, August 17, 1998

Officers chase 14-year-olds through three cities

Two 14-year old females led Ramsey County police officers and Wright County sheriff's deputies on a chase through the city of Otsego on Highway 101, Aug. 5, reported the Wright County Sheriff's Office.

The Ramsey officers had attempted to stop the vehicle on Highway 10 in their Anoka County city, when the driver of the car fled.

An Elk River police officer used a spike system to flatten two of the tires on the vehicle as it passed, but despite the flattened tires, the driver continued to flee through Otsego, until the car finally went into a ditch.

The two girls fled into a nearby corn field, where one was quickly apprehended. A search of the cornfield and surrounding area was unable to produce the second suspect.

Sheriff's deputies located the suspect Aug. 6, while executing unrelated arrest warrants at another Otsego residence.

The suspect was hiding in a shed on the property at that location.

The vehicle involved in the chase had been stolen from the Tara Bickerstaff residence earlier Aug. 5.

The two 14-year-old Otsego females were charged with auto theft and fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle.

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