Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, February 9, 1998

Holy Trinity one act play places fifth in sub-district contest

The sub-district one act play contest was held Jan. 24 at Delano Public High School. Holy Trinity presented the play, "Wanted, One Groom (Or it Pays to Advertise)" by Claudene Rease.

The storyline is a case of confusing two advertisements placed in the New York Times. Richard, a Harvard man, answers the ad for an antique. However, the Shand family believes he is responding to the want ad for a groom for their daughter, Kayla.

The excitable 20 year old Kayla Shand was played by Sarah Quast. Her best friend was the sensible 20-year old Phyllis, played by Julie Fritz. Caught in the mix-up is handsome Richard Townsend in search of an antique and not a wife, portrayed by Brad Danielson. The warm-hearted Mr. Shand was played by Ryan Marquardt and his loyal, excitable wife was performed by Beth Ollig.

This young, spirited cast placed fifth in the eight schools contending. One of the three judges rated them fourth and a Glencoe parent, whohad observed Holy Trinity's play last year, came up to congratulate the cast for the marked improvement this year.

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