Howard Lake Herald, February 2, 1998

Resident responds to HL survey results

By Eugene Schmidt

I have had the opportunity to read through the 320 surveys collected from the community survey that was taken.

This does not represent every Howard Lake resident, but it should equal close to the majority. The fact that no one had to identify themselves must have given some people a little more gusto to play hard ball.

The city council, city administrator and the police department didn't win a lot of tens. Although in their defense, I will say, whomever the complainers, they didn't have a full deck to play with.

Many people complained about not having a doctor in town and why not use the clinic building if it's not going to house a doctor. For those that didn't know, we have a doctor and crew coming in to this building approximately Feb. 1.

Another person thought Reddeman needed sensitivity training, Jean Schmidt should not be on the liquor committee and Doug Borglund should be not city administrator; he's too young.

This person appeared to have tunnel vision and really knows nothing about what is going on. For example, Jean Schmidt knows more about the bar business than anyone else on the city council. She managed her own for 15 years.

As far as the age of Doug is concerned, I could care less, he is doing twice the job of any of his predecessors. We should all count our blessings for having him doing the job he does and, hopefully, for a long time to come.

The topic of sidewalks produced a lot of interest, but in the same breath they don't want a tax increase. A few people wanted to know exactly where we stood on a new well and what the city is going to do about that fiasco. I think that is an appropriate question considering the water conditions we have.

I am truly amazed about how very little is known by many citizens of Howard Lake. One person said they can't get to city council meetings and don't have cable tv. So they have no way of knowing what's going on. They also said they wished the paper would publish the minutes of the meeting. The city will make a copy of minutes for anyone requesting them.

I know the paper doesn't cover word-for-word what happened at the meeting, but they do cover the highlights of most subject matter. I think the paper does a good job.

To the person who thought planning and zoning should sit down and formulate some long-range plans, you may be interested in knowing they just retained such a man from a company that specializes in long-range planning.

To the person who brought up the showers and toilets at Lions park, you were the only one to mention it's in the works. Many people asked about a bike path from town to the Lions beach. That is all in the works and will be done.

To the person that complained about the mayor being so wealthy, he lets taxes get out of hand, let me assure you Mr. or Mrs. or whomever you are, Mayor Custer is more of a detriment because he is so cheap about raising taxes.

Furthermore it might be the county or state increase you think is from Howard Lake. Howard Lake did have a slight increase this year but none last year and the year before just slightly.

I think the city manager and our present city council have done more to organize and lay the guide lines for practical growth than any of their predecessors.

The city actually has detailed maps of the city and written finances that can be found.

It was not that long ago that someone would say we have a ordinance to cover that. Someone would ask to see it, but it couldn't be found. The next thing would be to guess at when it was made an ordinance, go to the Herald and they would find it in their archives.

Little ol' Howard Lake is getting more professional all the time.

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