Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, April 20, 1998

Rep. Kielkucki to seek re-election

State Representative Tony Kielkucki (R-Lester Prairie) announced that he will run for re-election to the Minnesota House of Representatives this fall so he can continue to represent the citizens of District 20B at the Capitol.

Kielkucki is completing his first term in office after winning the seat in 1996.

"Government in Minnesota is just too big," said Kielkucki. "In the two years that I served this district in St. Paul, I have been educated in the tremendous bureaucracy that intrudes on people's lives and the enormous cost to feed this monster. I want the opportunity to fight for the freedom of my constituents from over-taxatlon and over-regulation."

Kielkucki says he has been successful in his first term in the House in passing legislation that is important to his district. Bills he authored include centralization of teacher license information, a ban on partial birth abortion, prohibition of the recognition of same-sex marriages, exemption of 4H from the University of Minnesota's human rights provisions, and tax credits and deductions for K-12 education.

During the 1998 legislative session, Kielkucki was a tireless supporter of permanent tax cuts for Minnesota families. With a nearly $2 billion state budget surplus this year, Kielkucki felt that the taxpayers of this state should see the benefit of this over-collection of taxes. While $500 million was earmarked for a one-time property tax rebate, Kielkucki says that it was not enough.

"With such an enormous surplus, the right thing to do would be to cut taxes so that working families can keep more of what they earn," said Kielkucki. "Unfortunately, with a DFL controlled legislature we ended up with increased government spending despite efforts to reduce the tax burden on Minnesotans."

Kielkucki represents District 20B which includes parts of Wright, McLeod, Carver and Sibley Counties. The House committees on which he serves are Agriculture, K- 12 Education Finance, Labor-Management Relations, and State Government Operations.

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