Herald and Journal, March 16, 1998

Township election results

Middleville Township

In Middleville Township, Bob Berg ran unopposed for a three year term as supervisor. Berg received 37 votes from the 38 people who voted.

Clerk Laura Latzig retained her position with 38 votes.

Victor Township

Karen Oestreich retired as clerk from Victor Township in February, and Linda Groos, running unopposed, was elected with 43 votes.

Burton Horsch ran unopposed for the supervisor position and had 40 votes.

Woodland Township

Woodland Township voters re-elected Gloria Janikula as clerk with 44 votes, and Ken Pawelk was elected supervisor with 41 votes.

There were no other questions on the ballot, said Janikula.

Marysville Township

Rena Marketon is the new Marysville Township clerk, running unopposed for the position left open by retired clerk, Wendy Duske. She had 124 votes.

Glenn Jepsen won the three-year supervisor position with 104 votes to opponent LeRoy Farber's 32.

Another three-year position went to Richard Wyatt, incumbent, with 87 votes, while opponent Edward Boehlke garnered 50 votes.

The meeting held after the election was for discussion only. Some of the topics were improvements to the township building, land use and planning, mail box and 911 sign maintenance, and the possible purchase of a road grader.

Winsted Township

Mike Laxen was elected supervisor with 68 votes. Shirley Quast was elected clerk with 51 votes.

Quast was elected treasurer last year, so a new treasurer will have to be appointed.

A total of $80,850 in levies was set at the Winsted Township annual meeting Tuesday.

Because the old city hall is closed, the meeting was held at the Legion Club.

General fund was set at $12,000; road and bridge at $40,000; Winsted Fire Department, $21,000; Lester Prairie Fire Department, $7,000 and Silver Lake Fire Department at $850.

Ending balances, as of Jan. 31, 1997 were: general fund, $16,576; road and bridge $63,782; Winsted fire fund $8,253; Lester Prairie fire fund, $3,339; Silver Lake fire fund, $923; gas, $92.

Each fire department gave a summary of the 1997 activity. Winsted answered 13 calls. Lester Prairie answered three calls, all on Highway 7. Silver Lake did not receive any calls.

Clem Bayerl asked why, if the township is paying for a portion of the fire hall, it was not allowed to vote on the referendum.

He was told it is because the city has to guarantee the bond issue. If the township chooses to stop contributing for the fire hall cost, the city, not the township, is responsible for the bond payment.

Joe Fasching went on to argue that residents of the apartment buildings should not have been allowed to vote because "they're only considered one unit."

When asked, Fire Chief Todd Kieser said the referendum vote would have passed, even if the apartment residents had not voted.

No questions were asked of the Lester Prairie or Silver Lake fire departments.

Lester Prairie Fire Chief Jerry Pawelk said because the department classification has been upgraded, township property owners covered by the Lester Prairie department should call their insurance companies and inquire about a rate decrease. The department was bumped up from a class seven to a class six by its insurance company.

Dick Genty requested, and was granted, $450 for the senior dining site. Genty said there are 25-35 participants each day and six to 10 meals are delivered.

The Legion Club in Winsted serves as the dining site. Genty said he did not know how many people in the township use the dining site, "but it's here if they need it," he said.

In other business, it was agreed to have next year's annual meeting again at the Legion Club at 8 p.m.

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