Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, March 23, 1998

City receives large donation of trusses for fire hall


The price tag on the fire hall will take a drop, thanks to a donation from Littfin Truss.

At Tuesday night's city council meeting, Jack Littfin, owner of Littfin Truss, said he would donate all the roof and floor trusses needed for the building.

"Littfins has been in business in Winsted for 35 years and we want to show our appreciation to the citizens, employees, customers and the fire department," Littfin said.

"I think the vote showed this town supports the fire department . . . and it is a benefit to the community," he said.

Another donation to the hall has been made by Millerbernd Design and Fabrication. In a letter to the department, Brad Millerbernd, general manager, said the company would manufacture and install a stainless steel hose drying rack.

Business expansion

RF Machining will be expanding into Winsted's new industrial park. The park is plotted on approximately 25 acres and located south of Littfin Truss on County Rd. 1.

The company, which located at the corner of Fairlawn Avenue and Sixth Street, plans to build a 10,000 square foot building on three acres in the park. The building will be valued at about $300,000, and co-owner Mike Kuske said construction is planned to start as soon as possible. The other co-owner is Rod Fiecke.

Kuske said RF Machining has seven employees and will have 14 by the first half of 1999.

The company will also do machining using lasers and has plans for future expansion, including adding onto the building.

A financial package was put together by Floyd Sneer, economic development director, which offers RF Machining the land for $1. The city will front the money to install services, but will be paid back through property taxes in three and a half years.

At one point the meeting became heated between Sneer and City Attorney Fran Eggert, as Eggert wanted a purchase agreement that provided for repayment if the building was not worth $300,000 among other items. "The council has to follow a certain criteria or worry about getting sued," Eggert said.

After much back and forth between Eggert and Sneer, in addition to Council Member Gary Lenz wanting to know exactly how much hooking up services would cost, Kuske agreed that Eggert should draw up want he wanted in a purchase agreement and Kuske's attorney would look at it.

Airport Road

The airport road is a mess and hanger owner Brian Zubert would like something done about it.

During the construction of County Rd. 1, the airport property was rented by Bauerly Brothers and the asphalt machine was located there.

The company was to have fixed the road when it was done, but has not.

At a meeting last summer, Clerk Betty Zachmann said Bauerly Brothers agreed to repair the field after the asphalt was complete, but airport commissioner Russ Paschke said the field is "still a mess."

"Even if Bauerly rented the property, that still doesn't give them the right to wreck the road," Zubert said.

Zubert said he talked with Rick Kjonaas, county highway engineer, and was told his was the first complaint. Zubert suggested the mayor put pressure on Kjonaas to get Bauerly to fix the road.

Eggert said Kjonaas should have authority in the matter, because he is the project engineer and instructed Bauerlys to lease the land.

Mayor Don Guggemos was out of town. Deputy Mayor Bonnie Quast said she would call Kjonaas and Zachmann will write a letter, both requesting the road be fixed.

In other business

The council:

- approved city engineers Rieke, Carroll and Mueller to prepare a request for proposal as to the costs of smoke testing the sanitary sewer system.

- approved the airport rental contract for Winstock. The same areas, except for the runway will be used as in previous years. Holy Trinity is renting 21 acres at $150 per acre.

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