Howard Lake Herald, February 9, 1998

A look back at Waverly station


The village was formerly called Waverly Station to distinguish it from Old Waverly, a pioneer village which in the early days flourished about a mile away.

Waverly Station was laid out by the railroad company on their land in the southwest quarter of section 33, at about the time that regular trains commenced operating in this locality in 1869. A railroad station was erected that year, and a grain house the next.

The first store was opened by T. R. Barrett, who operated it for a few years, and then changed it to a hotel under the name of the Keystone House. By the year 1870, three other stores were operating in the village. In 1871, William Quinn & Co. opened a general store, but soon changed it to an agricultural implement supply house.

In 1873, J. K. Cullen came from Watertown and opened a general store, and others followed. The Waverly House was erected as a dwelling by A. Kommers in 1874 and was sold to H. C. Morneau who enlarged it and established the hotel. In 1879, Patrick Fallihee erected a large two-story building with a hall on the upper floor, and his store at the time became one of the largest and finest in the county.

From such beginnings the present village has grown. The business center is constructed largely of brick buildings, the city hall is a large and imposing structure of brick and the Catholic church, Catholic school and public school standing in a row present a notable group of buildings and add materially to the appearance of the village. The city hall was built in 1893, and the public school house in 1905.

The village is on the Great Northern, 38 miles from Minneapolis. It has the Catholic church mentioned above, a Presbyterian church, two banks, a flour mill, a creamery, a hotel and three grain elevators. Lights are supplied by the Electric Light & Power Co., of St. Cloud.

A public system supplies good water, and the park provides breathing space for recreation and sports. Ample fire protection is also furnished. Waverly Station was incorporated as a village in 1881. The village was reincorporated Waverly in 1885.

Information from The History of Wright County, Vol. II, published in 1915.


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