Howard Lake Herald, March 16, 1998

Waverly park building approved


A new park building was approved by the Waverly City Council Tuesday for $24,982.

Doors and windows will be installed for both ventilation and protection from the elements, said Councilman Dave Fournier.

"Why do we need doors?" asked Councilman Jerry McRaith.

"I don't think the building without doors is adequate," said Mayor Charlie Bush.

"The big concern is that at first it was supposed to be a pavilion, and now it is the Taj Mahal," said McRaith.

Fournier suggested the cost of the doors and windows come from the $20,000 the Waverly Lions have offered for the project.

They have also agreed to provide materials and labor for the interior of the building.

The council agreed to request $4,747 from the Lions for the doors and windows.

Steve Hackbarth has volunteered materials and labor for the roofing.

The building will be ready for summer activities, if everything goes as planned.

Inflo and infiltration

Maintenance Supervisor John Rassat said 180 out of 222 homes were inspected to date.

Nine sump pumps were hooked to the sewer and three of those also had their gutters discharging into the sewer.

He will go back to inspect those again to check for compliance.

Except for one person, everyone was cooperative and helpful, said Rassat.

This inspection was well worth-while, he said, because it will eliminate 20-30,000 gallons of excess water flow in wet conditions.

The city will proceed with grinder pump repairs with the $25,800 budgeted for it.

"We have a five-year plan," said Rassat, "and, with what is budgeted, we can probably do the job in four."

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