Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, January 26, 1998

Winsted council to look at employee overtime


Questions about employee overtime were brought up by Council Member Bonnie Quast at the Winsted City Council meeting Tuesday.

Quast started discussion about the overtime paid to the maintenance employees and the city clerk. It was agreed that during the annual city audit in March, the auditors would be asked to look at the overtime put in by employees and give recommendations on time management.

Job descriptions are also set to be rewritten and the comparable worth point systems that is the gauge for wages will be reviewed.

Zachmann said the Mid-Minnesota Development Commission does such reviews at no charge. She called the director, Gene Hippe, in December with the review request but has not received an answer.

Two new sirens will be installed in the city. Two present sirens will be traded in and the remaining cost will be $19,809. The sirens are run by A/C current.

The council requested Police Chief Mike Henrich to get information on a battery backup. The cost does not include electrical wiring, or pole installation.

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