Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Jan. 3, 2000

The beginning of a new millenium


Now that the holidays are over and you are going back to school, you know it won't be long before spring will be here. And the year 2000 is finally here ­ what a wonderful time to live.

The world is 2,000 years old and so many wonderful things have happened, especially in the last 1,000 years.

Now there are big cities with airports to get people from one place to another. My grandpa used to say that no man would ever fly because they had no wings, and if God wanted people to fly he would have given them wings. Well, he was wrong.

My grandpa loved to go to western shows. We would go with him to the show house to see the picture, but you had to know how to read because there were no talking movies then. The actors did not speak, you had to read about what was happening on the screen.

And if you could not read, you had to sit with someone who could so that they could read it to you. When we went to the show, Grandma would read everything to Grandpa.

Now we can sit in our homes and watch movies on TV and we don't have to read, as we can hear everything the actors say.

My grandma would not believe that today, you can put your dirty dishes in a machine (called a dishwasher) and the dishes come out clean without anyone having to wash them by hand. Grandma would have liked that invention, as washing dishes was one thing she did not like to do and there were lots of dirty dishes to wash on the farm.

And you don't need a washboard to get clothes clean. Just put them in the washer and push a button.

In the next century, it will be your turn to make the world better. You have a big job on your hands.

One thing I hope you will work very hard at is to keep all wars out of any country, try to keep peace, and have no killing or hunger. All countries must work together for freedom.

Good luck to all of you young people. With God's help, you will do all sorts of wonderful things to make our world a better place.

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