Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Jan. 24, 2000

A round-about trip to New York City


One day, a dog named Spot said to his friend, Pug, "You know, we never get to go anyplace. We live way out here in the country and we've never even seen a big city."

Pug said, "So, where is a big city? Do you know how to go there?"

"No, not exactly," Spot said, "But I think that if we walk and walk, we will come to one. Tomorrow, let's start out early in the morning and see if we can find a city to visit."

The next morning, the two dogs started out. After they had walked for awhile, they started to feel very tired. They saw a farm place with a big barn, so they decided to stop there to take a nap.

As they walked to the barn, Spot and Pug saw a tiny, white dog.

The dog came running over to them and asked, "Who are you and where do you think you are going?"

"We're going to the big city," Spot told the dog. "What is your name?" he asked.

"My name is Tiny," the little, white dog answered. "What big city are you going to?" he asked.

"We don't know, exactly," Pug answered. "We are going to walk until we find one."

"I have been to many cities," Tiny said. "Why, I have even been to London, England."

"Great, show us how to get there," Spot said.

Tiny started to laugh.

"London, England, is very, very far away. You could never walk there. In order to go to London, you must fly in an airplane," Tiny said.

"Perhaps you could walk to New York City. Tomorrow, my owners are going away for a week and I am staying at home. If you wait until then, I can go with you," Tiny added.

Spot and Pug thought that was a very good idea. So the three dogs went home, rested up, and packed some food for their trip to New York City.

On the day of the trip, the dogs started out early. It started to rain after a few hours, so the dogs decided to take shelter in an old barn.

The rain kept falling all that day and night. In fact, the rain continued to fall for four days in a row. The dogs ate all the food that they had packed by the second day, and they were getting very hungry.

"Let's go look for some food," Spot said. But in a short while, the dogs came back to the barn without finding any. They were cold, wet, and hungry.

Pug said, "I think we should go to New York City some other day."

The other dogs agreed and they decided to go back to Tiny's home.

When Tiny's owners saw how dirty and wet their dog was, they said, "Tiny, you need a bath."

Then they noticed the other two dogs.

"These dogs need baths, too," the owners said. They bathed Spot and Pug and fed them.

"I know someone who would like to have a dog like you," Tiny's owner said to Spot.

"And I bet our neighbor would like to give you a home," he said to Pug.

So Spot and Pug found new homes. All three dogs lived in the same area and were able to spend time together. They got to be very good friends.

And, believe it or not, their new owners liked to travel so, before too long, both Spot and Pug were able to travel with their new families to New York City.

"It's fun to visit the city," Spot and Pug agreed. "But, being home with our new families is the most fun of all.

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