Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, January 25, 1999

A 'weepie' snowman comes to stay


My name is Weepie. I am a snowman and I love winter.

I was made by two little girls, Mary and Jane. It was after the first snowfall of the season. There wasn't very much snow from that snowfall, but Mary and Jane decided that they could find enough snow to make a snowman.

They piled many balls of snow on a pile. It was hard work and it was getting quite warm, but the girls kept on and, before you know it, I was complete.

The last part they made was my head. They gave me eyes and I could see everything - houses, cars, and trees. I was very happy.

At night it got quite cold, which I liked very much since I am a snowman, you know. In the morning, the girls brought out a scarf and a hat and put them on me. I really looked fine. As the cars went by, people would wave and smile at me.

Then one day, Mary came to me and said, "Weepie, we are going to get warm weather. We must do something to try to keep you cold."

Mary and Jane brought ice cubes out to me and put them under my hat. The ice cubes helped me stay cold for the night, but the next day the sun came out again and it got warmer and warmer. I was starting to melt all over.

The girls brought some rugs outside and tried to cover me up. They wrapped the rugs around me and it helped a little bit, but I was still slowly melting away.

"Oh Weepie, don't cry," Jane said. We will take you in the house and put you in the deep freeze. You will stay cold in there."

I was melting so fast that the only part they could save was my head. They put my head in the deep freeze and I stayed frozen there.

Two weeks later, it got very cold. Jane and Mary brought me back outside and made a new body for me. Then they put my head on top of the new body and I was good as new.

Now, it stays cold every day and I am having such a good time. The girls play with me and all of the children in the neighborhood stop by and say, "Hello, how are you, Weepie?"

It is so nice to be a snowman because I can come back every winter. The children will build me out of the new snow when the snowflakes start to fall.

You can build your very own snowman and he will come back every winter to play with you, too, when winter comes.

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