Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, February 8, 1999

The right time to be my valentine


When I was 11 years old, we had a Valentine's Day party at school. We played games and had a lunch.

My mother made a heart cake for the party. It looked like a valentine, red in color and very pretty.

On party day, many of the students dressed in valentine colors. I wore a red dress and shoes and a red ribbon in my hair.

Everyone brought valentines to exchange at the party. This particular year, I had a very special valentine I planned to give to a boy.

But I was so shy, I just couldn't give it to him. I asked one of my girlfriends to do it.

"Are you kidding? I would not give a valentine to a boy," she said.

"But how will I give it to him?" I asked.

"I know," my friend answered. "Let's go stand where they are passing out cake. When he comes through the line you can put the card on a plate and just hand him it to him with his cake."

We waited and waited in the cake serving line, but he didn't come. The cake was just about all gone.

I decided I had better get in line for a piece for myself. Before I could take the card off of the plate I was holding, they put the piece of cake right on top of it.

Now, what would I do?

My friends pointed out that my special boy didn't have a piece of cake yet.

"Why don't you give him your plate?" they suggested.

I gave it to him and he said, "Thank you." I turned as red as the cake.

Then I realized that I didn't get a piece. The boy came over to me and asked me if I wanted to share his cake.

I said, "No, thank you, I don't eat sweets. I will get fat."

He said, "Oh, you won't get fat. You are just right."

Then he dumped the plate with the card still attached to it into the wastebasket.

I was glad as I was so embarrassed.

When I got home, I told mother what had happened and she said, "When the time is right, you will be able to give him a valentine."

That happened many years ago. Now, I have my own valentine, my husband.

I learned something very important that Valentine's Day and that is not to rush things. When the time is right, you will turn around and there will be a special valentine just for you.

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