Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, February 22, 1999

An extraordinary experience in NYC


Fred, the pot-bellied pig, was not your ordinary pig. He could talk and sing.

Fred decided that he wanted to be a singer on television. So, he set out for New York City to find a television station that wanted to hire him.

When Fred got to the city, he looked all around him. It was a very big city with many people. He asked some people for directions to a television station.

The people stared at the pot-bellied pig and said, "You can talk!"

"Yes, I can sing, too," Fred said.

The people laughed and walked away.

"Gee, they don't like me," Fred thought.

"I'm tired. I will find a nice hotel to stay in," he decided.

Fred saw a big, fancy building with many people going in and out. He walked in and sat down in a big, soft chair in the lobby where he soon fell fast asleep.

When he woke up, it was morning. He walked up to the desk and asked the man behind the desk where he could find something to eat.

The man said, "That's funny, I thought I heard someone ask for something to eat."

"I did," Fred said.

The man looked down over the top of the desk and noticed Fred standing there.

"You can talk," he said in astonishment. "I've never heard of a pig that could talk."

He called his friend, Bob, over to see the interesting pig.

Bob didn't believe his friend until Fred said, "Yes, I can talk. And I can sing, too. Hey, can I get something to eat?"

"Don't move," Bob said. "I can get you a job on television." He got on the phone and called someone. He was very excited.

"Get this pig something to eat," Bob said to the man behind the desk. "This pig is going to be a star."

Someone brought apples and bread and milk for Fred. He finished every piece.

Then Bob told Fred, "Come with me. We are going to a television station."

They went out on the street and Bob called a taxi. When the taxi driver saw Fred, he said, "Hey, no pigs in my cab."

"Why not?" asked Fred.

"You can talk?" the cab driver exclaimed. "Get in."

Fred couldn't believe the way people drove cars in New York City.

"Why, it's amazing there are still so many people alive in this big city with these crazy drivers," he thought.

When they arrived at the television station, Bob took Fred into a big office where a man was sitting behind a desk. The man asked Fred his name and Fred answered him.

"Well, I see you can talk," the man said.

"Yes, and I can sing country western songs, too," Fred answered. Then Fred sang a song to the man.

The man said, "That is very good. How old are you, Fred?"

"I am three years old," Fred answered.

"Who is taking care of you?" the man asked.

"No one," Fred answered. "I can take care of myself."

But the man told Fred, "You are too young to be on television unless you have a boss. You go home and come back to see us in five years."

Fred was getting very frustrated. "It sure isn't easy to be on television," he thought.

"I will be happy to go back home," Fred told the man. "There are too many people in New York City."

So Fred went back to the farm, where he sang his country songs to all of his friends.

"Maybe I will go back to New York City and try again in five years," Fred thought. "But, for now, I am happy to stay here on the farm."

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