Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, March 20, 2000

Billy teaches Long Ears a lesson


Well, boys and girls, Billy the kid goat got out of his pen at Mr. Buttons' place and got into trouble again.

Billy likes to play with the little calves in the cow pen. There is one calf by the name of Long Ears who likes to get into trouble even more then Billy does.

One day, while Billy was eating some hay in the cow pen, Long Ears came and ran right through Billy's food. Billy chased Long Ears. They ran around and around and knocked things down, and by the time they quit chasing each other, the cow pen was quite a mess.

Mr. Button heard the commotion and came running to the barn. He chased Billy out of the cow pen, and then he cleaned up the mess.

Mr. Buttons told his wife, "Don't let Billy go into the cow pen to eat anymore. He always makes a big mess."

It seemed like Billy was the one to get blamed every time something went wrong. This did not make Billy very happy. Especially when, sometimes, it wasn't even his fault.

It seemed to Billy that Long Ears was always getting him into trouble. So Billy told Long Ears to leave him alone.

"Then quit calling me Long Ears," the calf said.

"Okay, I will stop calling you Long Ears," Billy told him. "I will call you Pig's Ears instead." Then, Billy started to laugh.

"Fine," Long Ears said. "You just stay away from me and I will stay away from you."

"Okay," Billy said.

Billy walked over to the swingset where the children were playing. The children liked to pet billy and feed him pieces of grass.

Long Ears wanted to play withthe children, too. He walked over to them. Then he tried to make the children play with him by chasing them around the yard.

"Make him stop, Billy," the children cried.

So Billy chased after Long Ears, and Long Ears ran to the barn.

Mr. Buttons heard the children hollering and he came running out to see what was wrong. He saw the children running and hollering, and then, he saw that Billy was thee and he was also running.

"That Billy," Mr. Button said. "He is such a bad goat."He caught Billy and put him back in the barn.

Now Billy was really angry. Once again, Long Ears had gotten him into trouble. Billy decided he had had enough. He would have to find a way to get back at Long Ears.

That night, Mr. Buttons gave the calves some milk in their pails. When Mr. Buttons left the barn, Billy found a bottle full of soap for cleaning pails. He sneaked into the calf pen and put some of the soap into Long Ears' milk pail.

Long Ears came over to drink his milk. He drank it all in one gulp, without even tasting it.

All of a sudden, Long Ears didn't feel very good. He went to lay down. Billy walked over to Long Ears.

"Well," Billy said to Long Ears. "Don't you feel well? Maybe someone put something in your milk. If they did, I guess you had it coming."

Long Ears was sick all night. But, after that experience, he didn't want anything more to do with Billy. He stayed with his calf friends and left Billy the goat alone.

Billy enjoyed playing with the children. And he never got into trouble again.

Well, hardly ever.

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