Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, March 27, 2000

Spot's troublesome misadventures


One thing about puppies, they seem to get into trouble all the time.

This is a story about a mother dog and her five puppies. The only time these puppies stayed out of trouble was when they were either sleeping or eating.

The littlest puppy in the family was named Spot. Spot was especially good at deciding to go for a walk without telling anyone where he was going.

One day, Spot was missing. The mother dog and Spot's brothers and sisters wondered where he had gone.

"Don't worry," Spot's mother told her puppies. "He will find his way back home."

It was quite late in the afternoon when Spot's mother heard someone scream. She saw a little girl bending over something on the ground and she was crying.

A big man, the girl's father, came running over to her. Spot's mother saw them pick up something and carry it to the car. Then she realized that they were carrying Spot, who, it seemed, had run out in front of a car and gotten run over.

The mother dog and her puppies were very worried about little Spot. They waited and waited for the little girl and her father to come back.

It was quite late when the girl and her father drove in, and the dogs ran over to them. The little girl was carrying Spot, but he wasn't moving at all.

She carried the puppy into the house. Then, she came back out on the porch and said to the dogs, "Spot will be all right. He has a broken leg and he had to have an operation. He is sleeping right now, but he is going to be all right."

The mother dog and Spot's brothers and sisters were very relieved to hear this news. And the next day, the little girl brought Spot outside.

He had a cast on his leg, and he had trouble walking. But, by the end of the day, Spot had learned how to walk with the cast. In fact, he had even learned how to run.

In wasn't long before Spot was getting into trouble again. He chased the baby chickens around in their pen. Mother Hen didn't like Spot chasing her chicks. She ran after Spot and tried to peck him.

Spot turned and ran away from Mother Hen. He fell right into the chicken's water pail and he couldn't get out. He started to bark, and the little girl and her family came running out of the house to rescue him.

The little girl's father said, "You had better keep an eye on Spot, so he doesn't break his leg all over again."

So, for the next week, the little girl carried him around wherever she went. She gave Spot treats, and talked to him. Why, by the end of the week, Spot had become very spoiled.

Finally, after two more weeks, the doctor took the cast off of Spot's leg. At first, he had trouble trying to walk by himself, and he fell down many times. But, it wasn't long before Spot was back running and jumping, as good as new.

Spot was so happy to have the cast off. It was fun to be able to run and play again. He decided he had better not wander away from his mother and brothers and sisters. He didn't want to have any more misadventures.

Boys and girls, remember to stay out of trouble. When you don't listen to your mother, you just might get hurt.

Spot learned that his mother knows best about keeping her children safe. And, your mother knows what is best for you, too.

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