Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, March 29, 1999

Mr. Easter finds his way home to Mary


Mother said, "Look out the window at all of the bunnies."

I looked outside and saw several baby rabbits running around on the front lawn.

"Oh, Mother, can we catch them?" I asked.

"No," Mother said, "I'm sure there is a mother rabbit and the mother loves her babies, just like I love you. She wouldn't want to lose a single one. I will get you some cabbage and you can feed it to them."

We went outside and put the leaves of cabbage down on the lawn. The little bunnies came right over to the cabbage and started eating. All the bunnies but one, that is. He was white in color.

"Mother, how come all of the bunnies are brown except for that white one?" I asked.

"I don't think he belongs to the same family," Mother said. " I think he was lost and he just followed them."

It seemed like the brown bunnies wouldn't let the white one eat any of the cabbage. He looked hungry.

Mother said, "Wait until the brown bunnies have eaten all they want of the cabbage and then we will feed some to the white bunny."

When the other bunnies left, I put the cabbage leaf down in front of the white one. He came so close to me that I could touch him. He even let me pick him up.

Mother said, "That bunny belongs to someone. I bet they are looking for him."

When Daddy came home, we looked in the newspaper for an ad from someone that might have lost their bunny, but there was nothing there.

We decided to put our own ad in the newspaper announcing that we had found a little white rabbit. Mother said that if no one answered the ad, I could keep the bunny.

The very next night, the phone rang after supper. It was a man who asked about the rabbit. He wanted to come and see it so Daddy told him our address. It turned out that the man lived only two miles away from us.

I was holding the bunny in my arms when the doorbell ran. As mother opened the door, a little girl saw the bunny in my arms and cried, "Mr. Easter."

I put the bunny down and he ran right over to the little girl. She was so happy to see him that she started to cry. It was easy to see that the bunny belonged to her.

The little girl's father said, "My little girl, Mary, has been missing her rabbit so much that she wouldn't eat. We have been very worried about her."

Mary turned to her father and said, "Let's go home. I'm hungry." Everybody laughed.

I was sorry that I couldn't keep the bunny, but I was also glad that we had made the little girl so happy. We must pray for all people at Easter time that they enjoy happiness and good health.

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