Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, April 5, 1999

A story of Easter rabbits


Peg's mother said to her daddy, "You know, I need eggs. Let's go out to the farm and get some from your brother, Joe."

When Mother called Joe to ask if he had eggs, he invited the family to come on Sunday and stay for dinner.

As they drove into the farm yard, Joe's son, Luke, met them at the car and said, "Come out to the barn and see my rabbits. I am raising them to sell for Easter."

Peg followed him out the barn. There was an area set aside in the barn for all the rabbits and she had never seen so many in one place at one time. Peg picked up one of the white ones. It had pretty pink eyes.

"Oh, I want this one. Can I have it?" Peg asked.

"Where would you keep a rabbit?" Luke wondered.

"I can keep it in my room," Peg assured him.

"I will give it to you for an Easter present," Luke said. "But you had better ask your mother if you can have it."

Mother said Peg could keep the rabbit. That night they headed for home, mother with the eggs and Peg with "Pinkie," her rabbit.

When they got home, Peg put Pinkie in a box to sleep for the night in her bedroom. When she awoke the next morning, Pinkie wasn't in the box. Peg found him sleeping in her bedroom slipper.

When Pinkie hopped out of the slipper, Peg found that he had left his droppings there. Mother said, "Well, you are going to have to take your rabbit outside to go to the bathroom every night right before you go to bed."

Pinkie followed Peg everywhere she went. If she needed to cross the street, Peg had to pick Pinkie up and carry him because otherwise he would just run right out into the street without looking.

Peg took Pinkie to school and when they saw the cute white rabbit, all of the kids wanted to have a rabbit, too. Mother had to write down Joe's address for the children so they could contact him about getting a bunny.

One day, Peg's family went to church. Peg left Pinkie in the car with the window rolled down a little bit as it was very hot outside.

Everyone was kneeling down and praying in church when all of sudden some of the people started to laugh. The priest looked out at the congregation and said, "Well I must be a very good preacher. This is the first time I've ever had a rabbit come to church."

When he said, "rabbit," Peg jumped up from her pew and looked down the aisle. There was Pinkie, walking down the aisle and looking at all of the people.

"Pinkie," Peg said and the rabbit came running right to her. Peg picked Pinkie up and quickly walked out of the church and got into the car.

Mother and dad were right behind her. As they set off for home, no one said a word. Peg knew her parents were not happy with her.

When they got home, Peg's dad said, "I'm going to make a big box with a door for that rabbit and when we leave, he goes in the box and stays home. Do you understand?"

Well, Peg was very careful that Pinkie stayed home after that experience. But I think that rabbit is pretty special - why he has even been to church.

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