Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, May 1, 2000

A very deer friend comes to visit


Spring is finally here. The birds that were coming to my feeder all winter are now out looking for a place to build a nest and lay their eggs.

Another sign of spring is wildflowers starting to appear.

Once, when I was a little girl, I went for a walk in the woods to look for wildflowers. I was walking along when I thought I heard a noise.

I stopped to listen. I looked around, but I couldn't see anything.

The grass around me was quite tall, so I took a stick and poked around in the grass a little, hoping to find what had made that noise.

Then, I found it. At my feet was a very tiny deer. It looked like it was a newborn, and it appeared to have something stuck on its head.

I looked closer and realized that its head was stuck in an old screen door frame.

In order to keep the little deer from trying to get away from me, I threw my jacket over his head. Then I carefully pulled the door frame off of him.

The tiny deer just lay there on the grass. It was so very small, and it seemed to be very weak. I decided that its mother must have given her baby up for dead, so I wrapped my jacket around him and carried him home.

Grandpa helped me feed the deer some milk mixed with water. At first, the deer was too weak to suck on the bottle, but after we worked with him for awhile, he started to eat better.

In about a week, the little deer was strong enough to walk. And, after a few more days, he started to jump out of his box.

Grandma said, "It's time for that deer to live outside with the other deer. So, we moved him outside to the chicken pen.

One morning, after about five weeks, the little deer was gone. Grandpa said he saw a doe out in the field with a young deer, and we decided that our little deer had found his mother.

We missed having him around, but we knew it best for him to be with his family.

That fall, a deer came quite close to our house, nibbling on some food we had put out for the animals.

Grandpa tried to talk to the deer, hoping to get close to him, but just then, a big doe came out of the clearing, and the two deer ran off together.

We'll never know for sure if that was our deer, coming back to visit us, but we like to think it was.

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