Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, May 17, 1999

Helpful hints for making your bed


Here are some helpful hints for making the bed quickly and easily:

If you have a king, queen, or regular size bed and you want it to be easy to make, fold each top sheet and blanket in half. Then fold them each in half again. Put a safety pin on the inside center corner to mark the center of the sheet or blanket. Then unfold the sheet or blanket.

When you make the bed, place the cover with the pin in the center of the bed. It's easy to keep the cover centered while making the bed because you can see from the pin marker where the center should be.

You won't have to keep going from side to side to straighten the cover if you just check that the pin marker remains in the center.

Leave the pin in for washing. To make the marker look a little fancy, you can use decorative or gold-colored pins.

For a children's single bed, put the pin on the side of the sheet that the child uses to get into the bed, marking where the edge of the bed should be. The child can put the sheet or blanket with the pin marker on the edge of the bed and it will be easy for him/her to make the bed with the covers even.

On the children's pin marker you can tie a bow, blue for the boys and pink for the girls, or match the color of the ribbon to the color of their room.

Sleep tight!

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