Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, June 5, 2000

A wedding I'll always remember


June is the month for weddings. A few years ago, I went to a rather unusual wedding that I would like to tell you about.

The young couple that were getting married were full of fun and always playing jokes on each other or on other people. So, when they decided to get married, we were all wondering what kind of wedding they would plan.

At first, they talked about jumping out of an airplane as they said their vows. But they couldn't find a minister that would marry them that way so they had to think of another idea.

Then, they decided to learn how to ride horses and thought it would be fun to get married on a horse. But the man who owned the horses said, "Not with my horses." So that put an end to that idea.

We didn't hear much more about it until six months later, when we received the actual wedding invitation.

The invitation said that the wedding would take place in a church. We could not believe it.

But, sure enough, the bride wore a beautiful traditional wedding dress, and the groom wore a white tux. There were six bridesmaids in the wedding and it was all very beautiful, and very normal.

Until the music started. As the bride came down the aisle, the music began, but it was not the traditional wedding march.

Instead, the groom had composed their wedding music and they had a singer and a three-piece band to perform it. All of the guests were having a hard time trying not to tap their feet.

When the bride and groom knelt down for the blessing, there was another surprise. As the bride's feet became visible at the bottom of her beautiful white dress, we saw that she was wearing white jeans under her dress, and white cowboy boots. For that matter, all of the bridesmaids had white jeans and boots on, too.

And the groom and his groomsmen were all wearing white tennis shoes, instead of fancy dress shoes.

The bride's mother just about fainted when she saw this, as she had no idea that they would be doing these things. But everyone laughed about it, and thought that, if nothing else, it was a very different wedding.

Now, this couple has three little boys, age 5 to 8, who are all like their parents, full of fun. I can't wait until their weddings. I want to be there, as I know it will be another fun time.

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