Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, June 14, 1999

My angel has horns, no halo


My name is Bob and I am 10 years old. We live on a farm where we have a father goat, called a billie goat; a mother goat, and a baby goat, named Angel.

Angel is very small; in fact, she is so small that I can carry her around. The mother goat doesn't mind if I play with her baby. I can pick up the baby and take her with me anywhere I want.

I love to play with Angel. Sometimes, I even take her into the house with me. I like to share my snacks with her, too. She loves ice cream.

"Are you still going to be feeding her ice cream when she gets big?" my mother asked.

"If you feed her ice cream, she might get sick," my dad said.

"She hasn't gotten sick yet," I answered as I gave her some of my ice cream cone.

Dan went out to work in the field. Mother went to town to get some groceries. Angel and I stayed home alone. We played outside for awhile and then we decided to go inside and watch TV.

Angel laid down beside me on the floor and fell fast asleep. I was very tired, too.

All at once, I heard my mother yell, "OH NO. What happened to my flowers?"

I looked down and Angel was gone. I must have falled asleep, too, and when Angel woke up, she must have decided to go for a walk.

"Mother, I don't think Angel would hurt your flowers," I said as my mother came into the house.

"Well, then, if Angel didn't do it, did YOU eat them?" Mother asked. "Where is that goat?"

I went to look for Angel. I looked outside. I looked inside. I couldn't find Angel anywhere. Could Angel have gone upstairs?

I ran up the stairs and in the hallway I found a mess. There were towels and rugs from the bathroom all over the floor.

I ran into the bathroom and there was Angel with the shower curtain pulled down and stuck to the horns on her head. She looked at me as if to say, "Hey, this is fun. Want to play with me?"

Quickly," I tried to clean up the mess and put everything back like it was, but the shower curtain was ruined.

I could hear my mother calling for me. I picked up Angel and ran out of the house and into the barn, where I put Angel back into her pen with the mother goat.

"Oh Angel," I said. "You don't know how much trouble you have caused. I may just have to sleep in the barn with you tonight."

Angel just looked at me.

"You want to play?" she seemed to be asking.

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