Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, June 28, 1999

A friendship that was meant to be


I am a boy, 8 years old, and my name is Jimmy. I live on a farm where we have cows and other animals. We have two big dogs that watch the farm, but they are too big to play with me. I wished I could have a puppy.

I asked my mother if I could save up my money and buy a puppy to play with.

Mother and Daddy talked it over and decided that a puppy might be good for me. You see, I was born with one leg shorter than the other and I limp when I walk. My parents thought that if I had a puppy, maybe by running and playing with him I would be able to learn to run without limping.

One day, my mother had to go to town to get some groceries. I got my money together and went to the pet store with her.

I looked at all the puppies in the store. The puppies were all playing together in their cages. All of them, that is, expect one. He was white with black spots and he just sat and watched while the other puppies played.

I reached out to pet the puppy and he got up and licked my hand. I could see that he limped when he walked,

so I picked him up and carried him around.

The pet store man said, "You don't want that puppy, son. He can't walk very good."

"But, that's why I want him," I said. "He is just like me. I have one leg that is shorter than the other and I limp, too."

I asked my mother if I could buy the puppy.

"I will name him Spot," I told her.

"But Jimmy," Mother said, "That puppy can't run or play like the other puppies. How will you play with him?"

"We can learn how to run together," I told her.

So my mother said I could buy the puppy. The man in the pet store said he cost $1, and he gave me a fancy collar to put on him, too. Spot sure looked cute.

That night, the puppy slept in a box next to my bed. The next morning, I jumped out of bed and Spot did, too. We went into the kitchen together and had breakfast.

After breakfast, we went outside and I showed Spot all the animals on the farm. Then I found a ball and threw it for him to catch. We played together all morning and after lunch, we took a short nap together. We had a great time.

After we had Spot for about a month I heard Mother tell dad, "Jimmy is beginning to run much better now, and so is Spot. We are lucky they found each other."

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