Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, July 10, 2000

The boy who saved bread crusts


Once there was a boy who lived with his mother and father in a little house in a small town.

The boy's name was Percy. This was somewhat of an unusual name, but Percy's parents wanted to name their son something special.

Percy was a boy who loved everything that God had made.

One winter day, at breakfast, Percy's mother noticed that her son was pulling all of the crusts from his bread.

"Why are you laying your crusts by your plate?" she asked him.

"Well, Mother," Percy answered, "I have plenty to eat, but the birds outside are so hungry, and they can't find food in all this snow."

After breakfast, Percy's parents watched as he tore the crusts into little pieces and went outside to feed them to the birds. There were many birds flying around him excitedly.

When all the bread was gone, Percy left for school and the birds followed him all the way there.

The next morning at breakfast, Percy again saved his crusts, and this time, so did his mother and father. Percy took the crusts out to the birds. This time he was able to feed more of them, and some of the birds were so happy that they burst into song.

This made Percy feel happy, as he loved all animals. He wished he could help hungry poor people, too, just like he did the birds.

As he walked to school one day, he prayed, "God, if I work hard and save my money, will you help me to feed the poor and needy people like I do the birds?"

Percy knew it would take a lot of money, so when he earned two quarters for clearing snow for the neighbors, he put one in a special box to save for the poor, and the other in another box to use for things he needed. Percy added to the boxes every time he earned some money and soon, the quarters turned into dollars.

The years passed, and Percy went on to learn a trade. He kept adding to his savings and the dollars added up until there was a lot of money in that box.

"Now, I am ready to help the poor," Percy said to God. "Help me to find the right people to give the money to."

Percy went to where the poor people lived and worked with them. However, Percy learned the hard way that there were some people who lied about their needs, or used the money Percy gave them foolishly. He prayed again to God to help him.

Then, one night, Percy had an idea. He decided to run an ad in the newspaper, asking people who needed money to write to him.

When Percy received letters asking for his help, he was able to check out the person's story to decide if they were being honest.

Percy was also able to find some people who were willing to work hard, but needed just a little help from him to get back on their feet. Percy could help these people a little at a time, just enough to make it possible for them to help themselves.

Now, Percy knew that his money was being used wisely, and that God has answered his prayers. And Percy continued to help others, with God's guidance.

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