Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, July 12, 1999

A fish named Pete


I am a fish named Pete. I live in a big lake.

Last year, I got to know a little girl named Elizabeth who lives on the lake. I like to swim over to her dock and watch her swim. She is a good swimmer; why, she can swim almost as good as I can.

Elizabeth likes to fish and I like to eat worms. Elizabeth told me, "Don't eat my worms if you want to be here next year."

Sometimes, Elizabeth has lots of company and they all go swimming. When the company is there, Elizabeth doesn't want to see me. So I hide under the dock and when the girls swim close to where I am, I swim out and bite their toes. The girls yell really loud and Elizabeth says, "Pete, quit biting the girls."

I just want to play with them. The kids think I am only a dumb sunfish, but most fish are smarter than you may think. After all, how many times when you are fishing does the worm disappear from your hook? Some fish do get caught, but most of them are very smart.

One day, Elizabeth came to the dock and said, "Pete, we are going to fish here, so you better swim over to Bob's dock."

As I swam over to Bob's, I saw some big bass swimming around the dock. I couldn't stay there because those bass would enjoy having a small fish like me for their lunch.

I wish Elizabeth would go fishing from Bob's dock and catch those bass. They think they are so smart.

As I swam back to Elizabeth's dock, I noticed that Elizabeth had a little fish on her line. She was very careful not to hurt it. Carefully, she took the hook out and then she laid the fish back in the water and said, "Go home to your mother, little fish." She is so good to us.

When her friends went home, Elizabeth went into the house to eat supper. I stayed under her dock and took a nap.

Later, some big people came out to go fishing and I stayed out of their reach. Pretty soon, Elizabeth came out with some bread. She laid down on the dock, leaned over the edge and gave me the bread to eat.

Then she said, "Pete, go home. I am going to bed. See you in the morning. Be sure not to eat any worms."

Eilzabeth is a very good friend.

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